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John Meed is a singer-songwriter based in Cambridge whose music has been described by R2 Rock’n’Reel as: ‘Thoughtful and thought provoking.’

‘The spirit of folk music is alive, well and delightfully accompanied.’ FATEA

‘Pavilion Parade said it all really – who said political songwriting was dead?’ Eric Bogle

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Wandlebury, a country park just south of Cambridge at the start of the Gog Magog Hills, is one of our favourite places close to the city. However, it is facing a major crisis.


On December 4th of last year the Cambridge News broke the story that the three rangers employed at Wandlebury were to be made redundant by the charity that runs the park, Cambridge Past Present and Future. Despite an immediate outcry, the redundancies were confirmed by CPPF in early January. A meeting organised by the Friends of Wandlebury in late January was attended by almost 200 people, and people were highly critical of CPPF’s actions; as one member said ‘Listen to your members – we do not want the rangers gone’. Despite this the rangers appeal against their redundancies was rejected by CPPF’s trustees and they were removed from their posts in early February.

The Friends of Wandlebury are calling for an EGM of the charity. We have known the rangers well for many years and are impressed by their kindness and competence – in their time Wandlebury has been transformed: new chalk grassland, new areas of woodland, new hedgerows, new trees, a laid hedge, additional, well-maintained footpaths, as well as sensitive habitat management including coppicing, grazing, tree management. We are extremely shocked that their posts had been put at risk in this way – it seems to be a ridiculous decision as well as being inhuman. However, in a manner that reflects the nasty neo-liberal climate we currently live in, CPPF apparently thinks their work can be done ‘better and more cheaply’ by a mixture of part-timers, volunteers and contractors.

The Friends of Wandlebury have collected sufficient signatures from members of CPPF to demand an EGM. If you share my concerns you can write to CPPF at Message me via the comments box below if you would like to be kept in touch with developments.

I attach here the demand for an EGM (for members of CPPF) plus statements from both the Friends of Wandlebury and from CPPF. It’s worth saying though that I have repeatedly asked CPPF to give me some concrete and tangible evidence to justify the changes and have been given hollow, meaningless words in reply – no costed proposals, no management plans, no job descriptions, no person specifications – nothing.

CPPF-demand for an EGM

Save Wandlebuy Leaflet


3 thoughts on “Wandlebury

  1. Thank you very much, John, for publicising this awful situation. The advertisement for Field Teachers shows Frances Cooper, the Education Manager, apparently demonstrating lath and plaster work with bare hands. Not something I would do myself. Readers who know and admire the work of Jon Gibbs, Claire Scott and Nick Beale may like to look at the CambridgePPF website and the similar Facebook entries. All photos of Jon, Claire and Nick have been removed. Similarly on Facebook you can scan down a long way, and these three experts have been wiped from the record. This technique is very familiar to the KGB and to the Cheka before it, but I did not think to see it in Cambridge.
    The messages posted on the CambridgePPF site have a fascinating similarity. I suspect they are all written by Frances Cooper and by Natalie Yates, the Trustee who acts as a publicity officer for the new plans. Conflict of interest?
    Julia Napier

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